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Furnace Replacement in Kaysville

How Do I Know Whether I Need Furnace Replacement?

Few things are more stressful for the average Kaysville homeowner than a furnace that doesn’t work. Just because it isn’t winter doesn’t mean heating failure isn’t an emergency. The human body can succumb to exposure after just a few hours of cold nighttime temperatures, and your home has been built to protect you from the elements. When your heating system breaks down, you lose your most valuable ally in the fight against the cold: your furnace.

Many homeowners hope that when their furnace breaks down, it’s a matter of repair rather than replacement. However, most Kaysville residents don’t know that ordering particular furnace parts can be nearly as expensive as buying a new one.

How Old is the Furnace in Your Kaysville Home?

It’s very rare that you move into a house that’s brand-spanking new. Most of us acquire homes that are pre-owned, and pre-loved, and spend a few years remaking them in our image. There’s nothing wrong with that: some older homes are gorgeous and can last centuries if they were made from sturdy materials.

The main issue this creates is that most people don’t know when the infrastructure of their home was last renovated or replaced. These problems only become apparent when something goes wrong. For the case of your furnace, if you didn’t keep up with the preventive maintenance required to extend your furnace’s warranty, odds are that one day it’ll just shut off—seemingly without warning.

If you look at the facts, they are simple: the average furnace has a lifespan of about 15 to 20 years. If you don’t know how old your furnace is, or if you know your furnace is near the tail end of that projected lifespan, it’s likely you’ll be due for a replacement soon. Trying to save a little cash by opting for furnace repair instead is only expected to cost you more in the long run.

The Cost of Furnace Replacement

Different variables go into determining how much replacing your furnace will cost. First off, whether or not you provide your own furnace or buy one directly from A1 Quick Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. will make the most significant impact. Buying from an HVAC contractor can give you access to deals the general public doesn’t have through typical retail channels, saving you money.

Secondly, the make and model of the furnace you choose is going to have the biggest impact on the overall cost of furnace replacement. A low-end furnace designed to be cheap and effective could cost as little as $600—but you’ll probably pay to replace that within five to ten years.

A more expensive furnace from some of America’s major home heating appliance brands will likely cost between $1,800 and $3,500. There are also installation fees and labor costs to consider too. The bright side? A1 Quick Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. works hard to save our customers money in everything we do. That’s just one small part of why we’re the best furnace replacement company near you. Call us today!